The EuroPsy Certificate is provided in template form for Bulgarian Awarding  Comity by EFPA in order to ensure comparability and common style and information across the countries awarding the EuroPsy.

The Certificate will provide the following information:

The following information is required to register for the EuroPsy Certificate:

  1. Name
  2. Work address
  3. University education in psychology – to be specified:
  4. Time period
  5. Name of degree
  6. Name of university
  7. Country
  8. Country of Practice
  9. Field of practice (clinical/health, educational, work & organisational, other to be specified
  10. Date and place of authorisation by National Awarding Committee
  11. National registration number

The following information should be requested on the application form:

  1. Name
  2. Work address
  3. Email
  4. University education in psychology

(to be listed are academic titles, dates when university study began and ended, the field of practice and the country where the title was awarded)

Time period Name of degree Field of Practice University Country
  1. Supervised Practice

Formally recognised supervised practice equivalent to one year full-time (please give details of the supervised practice, the dates and the field(s) of practice in which it was carried out; please provide evidence for a minimum of one year equivalent. List only fields which have been formally recognised as supervised practice)

Time period Name of supervisor Field of Practice
  1. Professional experience as an independent practising psychologist

Employment history of independent practice as a psychologist, equivalent to at least …… (applicable only for applicants who before ….. have been licensed for independent practice as a psychologist by a national licensing body recognised by the European Awarding Committee)

Time period Employer Field of Practice
  1. Field(s) of Practice

In which the applicant claims competence to practise as an independent psychologist

Clinical/Health                        Work & Organisational

Education                                  Other (specify field)

  1. Agreement with publication of registration details

The applicant agrees to have his/her name and work or home address mentioned on the Register as well as on the Certificate.