Dear fellow psychologists!

The first Bulgarian psychologists awarded with EuroPsy-certificates are already a fact!

In an effort to reach high standards of quality of psychological activity and recognition of their qualifications, many students and already practicing specialists show interest in EuroPsy-certification, ask questions, ask for evaluations.

In order to assist universities teaching psychology in their self-assessment and identification of goals and means of achieving them, we provide basic information on the quantitative (in teaching hours and credits) and content requirements of EuroPsy curricula. The conducted parallel analysis of the curricula of 7 Bulgarian universities with psychology majors shows that the differences are not insurmountable and with some changes in the current curriculum and timely planning, within one year the differences with EuroPsy can be eliminated.

We bring the undergraduate and graduate study standards to facilitate your orientation and self-assessment:
Structure of the curriculum
Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree

If necessary, you can ask questions by email – – and by phone 0887 426 394 (Society of Psychologists).

If you need directions to a location, use the above email and phone number. We will be with you immediately and completely free of charge.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the BPS
Prof. S. Dzhonev