National Awarding Committees (NAC)

The EuroPsy system is organized at two levels, the national and the European. At national level, each country has a National Awarding Committee (NAC) which evaluates individual applications from that country and issues the EuroPsy Certificate to individual psychologists. At the present time 24 countries of EFPA have recognized NACs, and are therefore entitled to issue the EuroPsy Certificate. At European level the European Awarding Committee (EAC) oversees the system, evaluates applications from countries for recognition of the NAC, and convenes the annual meeting of Chairs of national NACs in order to share practice, discuss challenges and to ensure the quality of the EuroPsy.

On November 15, 2021 the Bulgarian Psychological Society received approval for the establishment of a National Awarding Committee (Bulgarian NAC) consisting of:


Prof.  Tatiana Yancheva, D.Sc. – Chairperson Chairman of the Bulgarian NAC; Chairman of Section „General Psychology”
Prof.  Sava Dzhonev, D.Sc. President of Bulgarian Psychological Society
Assoc. prof. Kamelia Hancheva, Ph.D. Chairman of the Section of “Developmental and Educational Psychology”
Prof.  Vania Matanova, D.Sc. Chairman of the Section “Clinical, Health and Consultative Psychology”
Assoc. prof. Nedelcho Stoychev, Ph.D. Chairman of the Section “Criminal and Legal Psychology”
Prof.  Yolanda Zografova, Ph.D. Chairman of the Section “Social, Political and Ethno-Psychology”
Prof.  Snezhana Ilieva, D.Sc. Chairman of the Section “Work and Organizational Psychology”
Stouy Nedin, Mr. Deputy Chairman of Bulgarian Psychological Society