The holders of the EuroPsy Certificate are expected to maintain and further develop their level of professional competence. This should be achieved by means of work experience and personal professional development or through the process of supervision, and may be achieved by meeting local CPD requirements if such exist. On renewal of the EuroPsy the applicant has to show relevant evidence of Continuing Professional Development over the past period of professional practice.

Where no local CPD requirements exist, the following are provided as guidelines for use by National Awarding Committees.

Work experience

The applicant should show evidence of professional work as a psychologist amounting to not less than 400 hours per year averaged over a period of not less than 4 years over the period of the last seven years (revalidation period) before the application for renewal. Acceptable evidence includes, for example: employment contracts accompanied by a job description, project contracts, or statements of income for tax authorities (in the case of psychologists in independent practice.)

Personal professional development

It is a responsibility of the Registered EuroPsy Psychologist to keep informed about recent professional scientific developments in psychology, including but not limited to the fields of practice. A minimum of 80 hours per year is recommended and applicants should be able to show explicit evidence of 40 hours continuing professional development per year. Evidence of a variety of activities is required.

There is a wide range of different types of professional development activities, and the following list is not intended to be exhaustive. For each type of activity an approximate maximum of the percentage of time that can be accredited has been indicated, in order to ensure that psychologists undertake a range of different activities as part of their CPD.

  • Certified attendance and participation in accredited courses and/or workshops aimed at further professional development (60%).
  • Development of specific new skills through practice at work (20%)
  • Certified attendance in peer supervision meetings (20%)
  • Certified participation as a supervisor provided that this is formally recognised (20%)
  • Certified attendance at a professional or scientific conference (20%)
  • (Co-)authorship and/or editing of publications on research and/or professional issues (30%).
  • Presentations to professional audiences (20%).
  • Editorial work on journals and books in psychology (20%)
  • For the purpose of revalidation the sum of the final three categories above cannot exceed 60%.

For example, if the total is 100 hours of CPD, this might consist of attendance at a scientific conference (10 hours, max 20), editorial work (10 hours, max 20), attendance at peer supervision meetings (20 hours max 20), certified attendance at accredited courses (60 hours, max 60). This ensures a mixture of different CPD activities.

Record keeping

Registered EuroPsy Psychologists are required to maintain a record of their Continuing Professional Development. In addition to recording the acquisition of experience of practice in the context of new functions, client groups and settings, this should cover training and development from continuing education. This record, with supporting evidence, will provide the basis for the Registered EuroPsy Psychologist’s Profile as included in the Register, when the EuroPsy is renewed after seven years.