of the National Awarding Committee
for EuroPsy certificate in Bulgaria

Date: May 31, 2022, startingat17.00
Location: Hall 63 ofthe Rectorate ofS ofiaUniversity “St. Klimen tOhridski” – South Wing, 3rd floor.
Participants: Members of the National Awarding Committee
Guests: Board Members of the Society of Psychologists in the Republic of Bulgaria
Special guest: Prof. SarahBahia, responsible for Bulgaria in theEuropean Awarding Committee at the European Federation of Psychological Associations


  1. Introducing the EuroPsy certificate in Portugal – Prof. Sara Bahia, responsible for Bulgaria in the European Awarding Commission to the European Federation of Psychological Associations.
  2. Methodological problems of awarding the EuroPsy certificate.
  3. Adoption of a list of mandatory requirements to be applied to all newly received applications – proposal by Prof. Sava Dzhonev.
  4. Consideration of the received applications– presentation by Prof. Sava Dzhonev.

After the meeting, a dinner is planned in the restaurant “Architects”, near the Rectorate of Sofia University.